Enloe Ambulance and First Responder joined forces in January 2012 to form Butte County EMS to tender a bid in accordance with the terms of the RFP. To maintain the existing, high- performance, high-quality ALS ambulance services that have existed continuously in Butte County since 1978, both companies realized that Butte County would be better served by one entity, eliminating any duplication of effort and maximizing each company’s strengths. As you will see in our proposal, BCEMS will continue to work with and drive the local Emergency Medical System, building upon our past, as we look to the future.

BCEMS, through its joint venture members, Enloe Ambulance and First Responder have served the citizens of Butte County in varying capacities for over a century.



Starting in 1976, Advanced Life Support was introduced to Butte County with the establishment of a non-transporting rescue squad, staffed by two paramedics. This advancement in emergency health care was operated jointly by Enloe Hospital and Chico Community Hospital.


Of the 58 counties in the State of California, Butte County ranks in the initial five to offer Advanced Life Support to its citizens. Enloe has operated an ALS ambulance service since 1978. First Responder EMS has provided ALS ambulance services since 1988. During the first nine years of its operation, First Responder operated as a partnership doing business as Chico Paramedic Rescue. First Responder expanded its scope of operations to Paradise and Magalia in 1997 with the purchase of Paradise Ambulance and Paradise Advanced Life Support from Pine Street Corporation owned by Don Howard. First Responder’s second expansion was the 2002 acquisition of Oroville Ambulance from Oroville Hospital.