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Zoll Respond Training

Zoll Respond is an App Based program on the IOS and Android platforms that is used for responding to calls and communicating with Medcom. This software is an enhancement to the traditional Radio (UHF) communication. Zoll Respond will replace the Navigator software.

Training to use the software is a self paced process, that encompasses watching videos and reading a few guidleines. Upon completion of the tasks, you will fill out a login credential request form. This will establish your login information to Zoll Respond.

To get started, begin by watching the following 7 videos (total of 16 minutes)

  • Zoll Online Account Registration (2 min)

  • Logging In (2 min)

  • Navigating the Trip Screen  (3 min)

  • A Trip from Dispatched to Complete  (3 min)

  • Using the Chat Feature (2 min)

  • Using Push to Talk (PTT)  (2 min)

  • Using the Livestream Video Feature  (2 min)

Using Personal Devices

You should follow any company policy that pertains to the use of personal devices. Please check with your supervisor to review the policy.

When using your personal device, ensure that:

  • For IOS Devices: Location Services are turned on. This will aid in the accuracy of the geocoding features.

  • FOR Android Devices: Turn ‘Location’ to ‘On’. When Location is set to ‘On’, the ‘Mode’ changes to ‘High accuracy’.

  • If not already done so, download the Google Maps App

    • Also download the offline maps for Google, that pertains to your response area.

Finally, to complete the training process, click the link below, fill out the registration information and click "submit". If you do not receive an email within 24 hours if submitting, please put in an IR under "Technology Issue".

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